Felting wool

Has anyone ever tried felting wool before? I had heard about it, and wanted to try it for some time. So, I was excited to find half a skein of 100% virgin wool at the thrift store yesterday for 25 cents, upon which I could experiment.

I was so excited that as soon as I got home from school yesterday, I sat for a couple of hours knitting that baby up so I could felt it. I stuck it in the washing machine on hot, with a couple other items for agitation, ran it through twice and NOTHING happened. Sad face.

Then, I tried boiling it and stirring. Still NOTHING. Then it was time to sleep, so I gave up. However, I'd really like to get it to work.

Any suggestions? The label says it's been moth-proofed- would that make any difference? I'll post pictures later..

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