Finals, a death in the family, unexpected travel, extra work, and spring happenings have been going on around these parts.  The best bits are that the a good friend came and rototilled our garden patch for us.  We'll have to go over it once more, but it's so exciting to see it start to look like a garden!

My husband has also been working hard on getting our chicken coop up.  Here are some progress shots:

While he was doing that, I was busy inside finishing my mother's birthday present.  I had knitted some dishloths, and found some matching fabric to make napkins with, so I made a set of 12 napkins.

They are far from perfect, as I am just learning to sew, and am self-taught, but I am glad I made it through all twelve, and as long as you don't examine them too closely, they look good. ;)
I'm now off to spend a few more precious hours with my husband before he flies out to see his family for a week.


  1. What kind of chickens are you getting? How many? We have five now and AJ is wanting to get two more because he wants green (or is it blue?) eggs. lol Have fun with them!

  2. Originally the plan was all Rhode Island Reds- I prefer brown eggs, and I know people who have them and like them. However, we think it would be fun to have one Araucana for the blue/green eggs! Thanks!