Using what you have

So, the other day, while my dear husband was sleeping, I decided I was going to build a table to go in front of one of my south facing windows so I could plant more plants indoors.  I have not yet been acquainted with my husband's power tools that he was given for Christmas (meaning- I was too scared to use them all by myself), and so I tried making said table with a saw, hammer, and nails.  While I know it can be done, I miserably failed.  It probably had something to do with the fact that I thought I could get away with having only 2 legs (what was I thinking..?)...Anyways, I then proceeded to wake my husband to tell him of my failure.  Being the wonderful man he is, he came to my rescue, and built me a nice little table.  It looks like this:

It's a rough looking little thing, but it serves it's purpose well, and I think it's cute.  The best part?  It didn't cost us a dime.  We scrounged around and got creative, and were rewarded with this little guy.  Using what we had made it so that Mr. Table only gets 3 legs, and we had to do some things the long way (putting in screws by hand, etc), but it all worked.

In general, we try to use what we already have, and make buying  something (especially new) the last resort.  That goes from everything to cooking to crafting to building to clothing.  Some of the best items, ideas, and food come from having to "make do".  :)

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