I started a few things right before spring break, and they are doing nicely.  The self-watering tray I bought makes for MUCH healthier seedlings.  I've been quite pleased with them, so the slightly higher price was worth it to me (and I can probably re-use it).  Now, we just need to get some grow lights so that the seedlings don't get too leggy.
Tomatoes- 4 different kinds

Several medicinal herbs and Marconi peppers

Eggplant and mini yellow stuffing peppers
Most of my seeds this year came from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds. I have a lot more to get started, but these will have a big head start.  Outdoors there are a few things coming up as well:
Peas and greens just starting to come up. 
 What are you growing right now?  What are you most excited about growing and why?  I am excited about my medicinal herbs so I can make some herbal medicine for us.

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