As I'm a teacher and school is out for the summer, I currently have a lot of free time.  Since my husband works night shift and therefore has to sleep a good part of the day away, I am finding myself sitting around the house without much exciting to do.  The garden is in progress, but not producing anything but lettuce currently, and there are no weeds, so doing much out there isn't an option at this time, although later in the season ( and the years to come) I'm sure that will be a different story.  The house could be picked up, but that isn't exactly fueling my desire for a creative outlet, so I do it in spurts and then want to do something else.

     Today this led me to search my pinterest boards for something to do.  I've decided I will pick a few things every week, and then share here how they turned out.  It will be mostly simple things with stuff I already have on hand.  It might be an herbal concoction, a drink or meal, a sewing endeavor, a furniture redo, or something else entirely. For instance, a few days ago I found myself with a bunch of spearmint, so I decided to make spearmint extract.  It is currently macerating, and when it is finished will be good drinks, fruit sorbets, and homemade ice cream.

This weeks to try list is:
Gardener's hand scrub and "the mojito" (without the alcohol) from http://tendcollective.blogspot.com.
Taco Salad with creamy cilantro dressing from thekitchn.com
Practice my figure drawing skills with this tutorial: http://melissaesplin.com/2011/08/tutorial-fashion-sketches/

I will let you know how it goes!

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