As the weather begins slowly but surely turning to Spring, my thoughts and plottings have been all about my garden.  We were in an apartment the last two summers, so this is the first place that we'll be able to have a garden.  We have big plans, as I'm sure many of you do as well.  One thing that will help make our plans a success is compost!  It is such a rich nutrient for plants, it's easy to do, and can be done for FREE.  What's not to like?  The hardest part is building the compost bin, which really isn't too hard at all.  Sunset.com has plans for some nice looking ones.  However, we wanted to build one without spending a dime, so this is what we came up with:

We rent our house from hay farmers, so there are always a bunch of old pallets lying around, so that's what my husband used for the wood- except for the back, which is an old wheelchair ramp that was lying around as well.  One could easily do something similar because I've heard some places will give you their pallets for free- just ask around.  We made 3 chambers so that once it gets going one chamber will have finished compost, one will be "cooking", and the other we will be adding to.

Do you have a compost bin? Planning on making on? Please share!


  1. Your compost bins look great! AJ just got some pallets for free last night so he could build some for us too. :D

  2. Thanks! Pallets are so great for so many things! I've recently seen bookshelves, beds, and outdoor tables made from them. Hope you're having fun composting!